Desert Hot Springs
Pride Festival

Sunday, October 21th, 2018
10am - 5pm


67616 Desert View Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 


Desert Hot Springs 2018 Pride Festival

Unity and Diversity headline theme for Desert Hot Springs 2018 Pride Festival

The broad diversity of our entire community form a solid base from which our expression of artistry, creativity and unity spring forth. We invite you to experience an array of talent and entertainment all day long while building strong unity among friends and neighbors, both new and time honored.

It has never been more important than now to strengthen the bonds that unite us in so many ways. And, ever more essential to keep strong and vibrant in an ever changing world full of potential challenge.

Bring an open heart and mind, offer and accept support to your community, help build sustainability for a stronger tomorrow while enjoying the company and friendship of kindred spirits of every color.

Festival Essentials

Sunday, October 21st - 10am-5pm.

Cabot's Pueblo Museum, Desert Hot Springs, CA.

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Entertainment Lineup

Introducing New Talent

DiversityDHS is pleased to introduce many new faces to our 2018 Desert Hot Springs Pride Festival Entertainment Lineup. This year we take the theme of Unity and Diversity to a new higher level showcasing perhaps the most diverse talent to ever perform at our venue.

We sincerely hope our day is made all the more enjoyable as you experience a full offering of amazing aritist from both within the LGBTQ community as well as those who enthusiastically partner with us in many useful ways.

Entertainment Schedule

View our entertainer's schedule by clicking the button below. See why diversity is underscored in the mix of talent we offer all day long at the festival.

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Desert Hot Springs Pride 2018 Festival Promotion Video

 Announcing Desert Hot Springs Pride 2018 Festival Video. Our theme this year is 'Unity and Diversity' reflected by the content of the video which displays every officially recognized ethnicity, of which there are nearly 190 in the world, with an overlay of rainbow diversity of many different human aspects. 

Desert Hot SPrings 2018 PRIDE Festival Sponsors


Without our dedicated and generous sponsors, Desert Hot Springs Pride Celebration would not be possible. We thank each and every contributor for their backing and confidence in our organization and it's dilgent effort to bring unity and diversity to our community of Desert Hot Springs.

About Us

Annual Pride Festival


Come enjoy our DiversityDHS Pride Festival hosted each year at the historic Cabot's Pueblo Museum. Perhaps the most unique LGBTQ pride venue in the world. A full day of music, entertainment and community spirit.

2018 Pride Festival



A fully qualified 501(c)(3) community service organization committed to the betterment of the LGBTQ community of Desert Hot Springs, comprising nearly 1/3 of the entire adult population of the Spa City.

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Community Events


DiversityDHS organizes and produces a wide range of exciting and entertaining  community events throughout the year. Top entertainers, pool parties, tea dances, music performances, social mixers and more offering a great time.

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Introducing 2018 DiversityDHS Board of Directors

Dedication to our community within Desert Hot Springs and surrounding areas continues in 2018. Check our Board of Director bios to appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience we bring making 'diversity' not just a byword.

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View 2017 Desert Hot Springs Pride Festival Website

Last year saw our inaugural Desert Hot Springs Pride Festival come to Cabot's Pueblo Museum. Check out detailed information, pictures and many videos from the event by clicking below.

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It's takes a village of dedicated participants to successfully engage with all aspects to our community and the many needs that exist. Please consider contributing your time or essential funds to our effort.

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